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CEO’s: Is Your IT Provider a Trusted Resource For You?

by | Aug 9, 2011 | IT Consulting

There was an article published in Wall Street Journal by Jeanne W. Ross and Peter Weill that What a CEO should ask about IT.  It had a great deal of very useful information.  Below are the highlights with some opinions and feedback from me about the topic.

In a digital economy, IT is the foundation for doing business. Companies of all types are discovering that how they manage IT is crucial to their competitiveness.  How you handle IT determines whether your company’s dealings with customers and suppliers are efficient, scalable and timely; whether employees have the information they need to do their jobs; and whether employees throughout the company see technology as a tool to move forward, or an anchor that keeps them running in place.

A CEO’s role is to define how the company as a whole will do business in a digital economy. They must lead the IT initiatives that cut across all business lines. And it means they must resolve issues that local interests cannot resolve—like what data and processes will be standardized company-wide.

Questions Every CEO Should Ask About IT

  • Are we using technology to transform our business, or are we just adding bells and whistles to existing processes?
  • Who is making sure the company’s digital strategy is being implemented?
  • Is electronic data empowering your people or controlling them?

Intec Solutions Is A Resource For CEOs and Owners To Review Their IT and Answer the Questions That Every CEO Should Ask.

  1. Intec provides technology that transforms your business – Our primary goal as a company is to help organizations transform our client’s business and become more efficient through the appropriate use of technology.  We cut through the non-sense and make sure what we are solving a true  business challenges.
  2. In most projects and relationship, Intec takes the responsibility of making sure our client’s digital strategy is being implemented. In our outsourced relationships , we are the responsible party that makes sure that once the correct IT strategies are defined, they get implemented and done correctly.
  3. Intec takes great strides to ensure that our customers are in control of their data. At Intec Solutions, we feel strongly that data is one of the greatest assets of any organization.  However, without an easy, convenient, and flexible way to mine and access it – it’s nearly useless.  That’s why we include reporting and data mining capabilities with each and every project. Giving our clients a management data solution so that hey are in control of the data and not the other way around.

If you need technology that transforms your business, help with your digital strategy, or better control of your data, contact us for free consultation.

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