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Technology Audit – The Foundation of Your Technology Plan

by | Jan 12, 2012 | IT Consulting

What are your goals for this year? Do you want your business make more money? Do you want to lose the clutter and get better organized??  You can achieve both of your goals by cleaning up your IT Network??

A Compliant Well Functioning Network Can Add Serious Dollars To Your Bottom Line

Getting your systems evaluated is a very useful first step in creating your Business’s IT strategy. Having a strategy not only saves you time and money but will help you to better focus on your business goals and objectives and the key roles IT will play throughout the year. Take a moment to see what benefits having a compliant well functioning IT network can do your for business.

The Technology Audit Process

The process of a technology audit or IT system analysis is pretty straight forward and simple, but the result can lead to significant process and efficiency improvements which can put money back in your pocket. In simple terms, the technology audit is nothing more than a detailed inventory of all devices on your network. A quality technology service provider can install an audit tool on your network and compile this data usually within 24 hours.

Technology Audits Identify…

  1. Devices that may cause network performance issues
  2. Devices that may not be protected from viruses or malware
  3. Devices that may not be included in your backup / disaster recovery plan – or even worse no backup or disaster recovery plan at all
  4. Older devices that may be under performing or chronically failing
  5. Devices that may reduce the overall speed of the network and internet connectivity
  6. Devices that have network vulnerability such as an open wireless access point or lack of a firewall

Technology Audits can also discover money saving opportunities such as…

  1. Opportunities to utilize cloud services to replace legacy software
  2. Identify potential network infrastructure upgrade opportunities to dramatically increase network efficiency and in turn overall employee productivity
  3. Identify opportunities to replace regular desktop workstations with lower cost thin client’s or mobile devices

A technology audit is the foundation for creating an overall IT Strategy. With the audit being your staring point and your business goals being your destination, you can develop a road map (IT Strategy) for achieving those goals. It may require an investment to address the issues discovered during the technology audit. However, the efficiency and productivity benefits, which allow you to focus on your business instead of constantly fighting technology problems, will far outweigh the cost.

Please contact us (859) 757-2804 if you would like a complimentary Technology Audit done for your business or just want more information.

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