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Financial / Accounting / Insurance

At Intec Solutions, we understand the insurance, accounting and financial sector and the unique legal requirements imposed on the industry. We’ve either built or implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Agency Management, or Financial Package Solutions for a number of insurance agencies / brokers, accounting firms, financial management, and banking institutions.

We Partner with the Companies that Matter

We are partners with both Intuit and Peachtree and have the skills to integrate business systems with both accounting packages. We also have extensive experience with Great Plains and have integrated a variety of custom solutions with this financial package as well.

We Secure Customer Information and Make Reporting Requirements Manageable

We recognize the need to closely guard your client / customer’s information. We understand the myriad of reporting requirements levied on the financial industry. We’ve helped our clients through these challenges and have the experience necessary to implement a solution for you.

Further, our proactive approach to managing your IT network will ensure that your overall operations run smoothly and efficiently.


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