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Infrastucture Management

Infrastructure Management Piece Infrastructure ManagementYour network is an essential part of your business. It’s the corner stone of your IT Infrastructure. Intec Solutions provides full network administration for your servers, workstations and networking equipment.

Network Administration

For businesses that don’t need a full time administrator onsite, We’re there when you need us. Our Remote Management services allow us to monitor and manage your network from our offices

Intec Solutions network administrators focus on the most critical aspects of your network:

    • Security – making sure your network is protected from intrusion, viruses and spyware
    • Stability – everything on your network plays a vital role in your business operations. Our administrators can monitor your current network hardware for any performance issues, and we can provide professional recommendations on how your network can be improved
    • Dependability – our job is to make sure you and your employees always have access to your data. If disaster strikes we make sure you’re back up and running with minimal downtime. Plus we offer various backup solutions and support solutions for your business

IT System Support

Your systems are only as good as your support. Any business can benefit from our specialized capabilities and proactive service model.

  • Evaluation – We’ll come to your location and carefully evaluate your network and current applications
  • Recommendation – From that evaluation, we’ll build a plan and offer recommendations specifically for your needs
  • Project Planning – We develop a process and event schedule that will to enable us to implement your new plan without interrupting your business activity or productivity
  • Implementation – We install, configure, test, and launch all hardware, software, and network appliances to ensure that your systems hit the ground running

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens: storm related power surges; blackouts; floods; robberies; vandalism; fires; earthquakes; human error; even Martian invasions! But seriously, when such things occur, catastrophic data loss is a real threat. And when it comes to your business data, you can’t be too careful or too prepared.

Intec Solutions offers a range of data backup and recovery options that ensure the safety and integrity of every one of your company’s digital assets. From the smallest text file, to email accounts, to spreadsheets, to production files, to applications and even entire operating systems, we can set up a program that’s got your back no matter what happens.

Don’t wait for the Martians to land! Ask us about a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan today.

Mobile Strategy

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more capable every day. Integrating a mobile platform in your IT system can improve your employee’s productivity and your company’s competitiveness.

Whether your staff uses iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Surface, or any combination, Intec Solutions can help you develop a mobile strategy that will work seamlessly today and scale with you in the future.

Make the smart call today. Intec Solutions.

Contact us (859-757-2804) today for a free consultation.

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