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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Piece Cloud SolutionsIt seems like everyone has his or her head in the cloud now. But Intec Solutions has been providing Cloud solutions since before it was “the next greatest thing you can’t live without.” We have a solid working knowledge of how to optimize the Cloud for different kinds of businesses. We understand that the Cloud is not just a buzzword, but a tool to expand your IT platform and its functionality.

Cloud 101

In its purest sense, the Cloud is IT delivered as a service over the network. More specifically, the Cloud moves much of your IT infrastructure from the physical to the virtual state. Software, utilities, file storage and sharing, and other elements that have traditionally resided on hard drives, servers, and other appliances can now be accessed and used over the Internet.

The Cloud also enables collaboration on a much broader scale, which in turn yields geometric improvements to productivity.

Our Cloud has a Silver Lining

By moving your IT to the Cloud, you are able to use only what you need, when you need it — and pay for it the same way! In fact, one huge advantage of Cloud Computing is the “pay as you go” and for only what you need model, which means unparalleled cost efficiency.

For example, your corporate email on an Exchange Server would, historically, require the purchase the physical server, the Exchange server license, and the client access licenses. Even for only ten (10) users, the cost could be up to $10,000 — payable at the time of purchase!

In contrast, a Cloud solution providing the same functionality and user benefits costs only $10 – $15 per user per month — with no upfront capital expenditure.

Cloud Workspace: Turning any web browser into a PC

Businesses of all sizes across all vertical markets are seeking out cloud-based IT options more than ever before.  Intec brings together all of the essential IT workspace components, such as software applications, desktops and entire corporate IT systems into one simple to use solution to enhance business productivity.

Virtualizing the business workspace lies at the heart of the Intec Cloud Desktop solution. A virtualized or “cloud” workspace looks exactly like that of a traditional PC. However, instead of residing locally, all software, computing power and data storage resides in a custom crafted “platform” housed in our partners’ state-of-the-art data centers. This platform delivers the optimal performance and user experience, making cloud computing simple, secure, reliable and worry-free.

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