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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

The foundation of your Infrastructure.

A robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the foundation on which to build your IT infrastructure.  The ability to continue business operations in the event of a disaster is paramount as technology is the fiber of most business operations.

The likelihood of a disaster is low – right?

DisasterCausesMost businesses don’t fully plan for disaster recovery, because many think of large scale events such as flood, fire, and natural events as the definition of a disaster.  However, in today’s technology climate, a potential disaster can lurk in the mundane, everyday tasks.  It could be a simple as an employee accidentally deleting a critical file or unknowingly unleashing a virus on your network, to a power surge destroying a piece of hardware.  No matter what the cause, every business will experience outages and downtime – they key is having a solution in place to ensure that you can continue operations with no (or minimal) impact to the bottom line.

What can Intec Solutions do for my business?

At Intec Solutions, we provide a number of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity options that we call “Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)”.  We design and implement a solution for your business to give you comfort and peace of mind in knowing your data is safe and that you are protected against any disaster.


Our solutions provide:

  • Business Continuity Plan to cover you against the “disasters” that are most likely for your organization.
  • Implementation of the plan based on your size, budget, and tolerance for recovery time.
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring of the plan to ensure that when needed – your recovery plan is ready and fully functional.
  • Offsite Backup storage options to keep your data in a remote, secure location.
  • Optionally, we offer offsite workstations and/or servers to provide immediate recovery in the event of power loss or major damage to your buildings structure. We can even manage redundant servers running your applications and data in a secure data center to ensure you can continue working if your building becomes inaccessible.

Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current backup solution and disaster recovery preparedness.