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Managed Services — The Advantages of Total Outsourced IT.

Intec Solutions specializes in providing Total Outsourced IT Support to small and mid-sized businesses for which an in-house IT staff may be impractical or too costly. We deliver Managed Services specifically tailored to your needs and objectives — and your budget! After careful analysis, we develop a solution — or a set of solutions — that’s effective and cost-efficient, and can help you maximize the return on your IT investment.

Managed services are also Manageable services, because our approach reduces your IT costs while increasing access to technologies that might not otherwise be within your reach. For an affordable monthly retainer, you gain a powerful combination of people, processes, and technology that lets you focus on business.

Plus our strategic relationships with leading IT vendors and Channel Partners enable us to deliver these services based on current industry standards and best practices.

Contact us (859-757-2804) today to find out how we can taylor our Managed Services offering to your specific needs.