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Peace of Mind

Welcome to Managed Services form Intec Solutions.
Get started today with a FREE Network Risk Assessment – A $2,400 Value!*

“Calm”, “Serene”, “Peaceful” … Rarely are such words associated with running a business. But our experts provide the technical services and tools that can eliminate the stress of managing your systems and software and hardware so that you can focus on the business of your business.

Partnering with Intec Solutions is like having your own IT staff — only better! You get 24/7/365 coverage without the burden of extra payroll, employee benefits, and costly equipment. We think that alone is pretty calming.

You can relax while we:

  • Monitor your backups
  • Manage Anti-Virus protocols
  • Update and patch your systems and software
  • And more…

Be confident that our Managed Services will ensure that your servers will stay up, that your email will stay on line, and that your applications will be updated as needed. We understand that 100% productivity requires 100% uptime — and that’s what we deliver to you.

Your peace of mind starts with this simple form.
Tell us what keeps you up a night, and request your FREE Network & Risk Assessment

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*If you’re not completely satisfied with our services after 90 days, we’ll cover the cost to transfer your account to a new provider.