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Mobile Devices and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) – Anytime Access and Convenience for Patients and Doctors

by | Jun 6, 2012 | HealthCare IT

tablet EMRThey say that technology moves at the speed of light. This is true especially for medical records technology. As more and more medical practices transition from traditional paper records to an Electron Medical Records (EMR) model, the accessibility to and speed at which information is retrieved is truly astonishing.

When considering an EMR, a key feature should be its compatibility with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets like the iPad, and of course laptop computers. Because of the need for real time, accurate medical information, use of mobile devices doesn’t just offer efficiency and convenience; their application can literally be life saving.

The Doctor’s Perspective

As a busy physician, you are always on the go. Moving between hospitals, clinics, and your own practice is just a fact of life for doctors in the new millennium. As such, mobile devices have become critical to sending and receiving vital patient information, test results, imagery, and lab work. By having the ability to freely move from place to place, knowing your patient information is secure and accessible, you can communicate easily with your staff, colleagues, and even patients. Quicker, better access to medical records means better communication and better health care decisions on behalf of the patient.

The Patient’s Advantage

Patients can also greatly benefit from a mobile device-enabled EMR system. Through a secure login, patients can fill out medical histories and provide medical monitoring information such as blood pressure and blood glucose readings, weight, symptoms, and prescriptions. The time spent in the doctor’s office is significantly reduced by being able to provide this information in advance, and storage for sensitive patient records is no longer an issue. Well-known EMRs with mobile device compatibility inherently have backup, security, and compliance concerns addressed, so you as a physician do not need to worry about these aspects when considering swapping out your outdated paper system for a digital one.

Mobile Device Applications Can Be Integrated or Included

Depending on the EMR system you choose, a mobile device application may be offered as part of the total EMR solution, or it may be an add-on feature. However, most physicians view a mobile device interface an absolute necessity in the Internet age. Health care providers simply cannot afford to function efficiently without a mobile EMR application.

Mobile Device EMR Integration Just Part of Industry Change

EMR systems are here to stay. The question is not “if” your practice needs to transition to an EMR, but “which EMR” and “when”. If you are starting to think about transitioning to an EMR, you will want to consider some important factors:

  • Capabilities – what is included
  • Customization – to what degree can it be customized
  • Integration – What clinical applications interface with it
  • Training and Support – What kind of service do you get after the sale
  • EMR Solution Provider – a technology partner that represents different EMR systems that can guide you to the right decision – without having to do all the research yourself

Transitioning to an EMR will open up an entirely new world of possibilities for better workflow, improved communications, cost containment, and most importantly, enhanced patient care. With mobile devices as part of your total EMR solution, you will be free to think about practicing medicine, not information technology.

Intec IT has been providing IT solutions for health care providers for over ten years. We are EMR solution consultants helping doctors vet, choose, and implement EMRs that suit their practice’s needs and goals.

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