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Managed IT services that shield your business from disaster.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your business if…

  • A company laptop was stolen from an employee’s car or at an airport?
  • Your customer data or accounting files became corrupted and unrecoverable?
  • An employee checked their personal email at work and clicked on a link that encrypted your entire network for ransom?
  • A fire destroys your computer and all the data on it?
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Minor misfortunes and major disasters happen every day in businesses across the globe.

This is why your business needs to be prepared to protect your files and data by creating an appropriate backup strategy and disaster recovery plan.

Are You Ready for Worry Free Backup & Disaster Recovery?

Make sure your company has the proper safeguards in place. Even if you’re not ready to outsource your backup and disaster recovery yet, we’d still like to help. The following are some suggestions to help you protect your business in the meantime:

We Help You Identify What Data Needs to Be Backed Up and When

Ideally, you should back up all your data every day, but sometimes that is impractical due to time or financial constraints. If that is the case, identify the data that is critical to your business so that it can be backed up daily. Any other data can then be backed up on a less rigorous, or incremental schedule.

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We Implement Backup Techniques that Fit Your Business

There are many options available today, including system image backups and continuous data backups. Sometimes it is better to combine several backup techniques into a hybrid solution that is a more suitable fit for your company.

Our company helps you better understand these terms and functions and guide you in security considerations that help protect your valuable information.

We Identify Secure Locations to Store the Backup Files

Keeping multiple copies of your backups is very important. One copy should be kept onsite so you can access it easily when there are minor mishaps (such as an employee accidentally deleting a file). Another copy should be kept offsite in case a disaster destroys the onsite copy.

Depending on your industry, you may be subject to government regulations regarding the storage of your data, which will affect the type of solution that makes sense for your business.

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We Implement Procedures Which Allow You to Test the Backup Files

Imagine the feeling of finding out your backup files are corrupt and therefore useless when you are trying to recover data. Testing incremental and full restoration of your files will let you will know for certain that your backups will work.

Our team will review your business carefully, ask you pertinent questions, and then guide you on the data backup solutions that make the most sense for you. We also perform validation testing to ensure your data can be restored 100% as planned.  

Devising an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Essential Components

An effective IT disaster recovery plan will provide you with a roadmap to get essential systems running again quickly after a disaster. Your plan should incorporate recovery strategies for hardware, software, data, and connectivity.

For each component, we determine what has to be done to prepare for a disaster as well as what actions must take place if a calamity occurs.

Road with man sitting at desk and computer on fire
Man cheering at desk his software system is safe

Business Continuity

If you have a business continuity plan, we will help you make sure the IT disaster recovery plan can meet the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) defined in the continuity plan.

We then test the IT disaster recovery plan periodically, just like a fire drill, to make sure it works as designed. Our technical team has the business experience to evaluate each component of the plan so that your company is prepared and minimizes downtime.

You Do Not Have to Do It Alone

Developing a data backup strategy and IT disaster recovery plan can seem overwhelming by yourself, especially if you have never done it before. But we can help.

Our experienced technology experts will ask you critical questions that you may not know to ask. Our recommendations will take into account your data, systems, processes, industry and constraints.

Contact us and don’t let another day go by with your company exposed to risk that can cripple or put you out of business.