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Managed Service Agreements With Strategic IT Partners Can Level The IT Playing Field for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

by | Feb 13, 2012 | Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure Management, IT Consulting

Saving money with Technology is not only smart business but essential in today’s fast passed competitive markets. But keeping up with the ever evolving, ever changing technologies available on the market today can be a challenge even for the most tech savvy.

agreement AgreementA Strategic IT Partner Can Simplify Which Solutions Match Your Business Plans and Objectives

Having a technology partner that has experience working with and keeping up with all the new options and emerging technologies will not only give you the biggest bang for your buck but a completive edge. With so many more options now available to the SMB market through Cloud Solutions, SaaS, HaaS and mobile offerings choosing the right solution for your business has never been more challenging. But finding the right solution for your business will be all the more rewarding. A strategic IT partner can simplify your options and drill down to the solutions that will best align with your businesses plans, goals and objectives.

Solutions That Can Help Your Business Grow, Save Time,  and Save Money

Cloud Solutions/Saas – The cloud as well as SaaS (software as a service) is nothing more than an application or service typically delivered over the internet that you can use on demand when you need it. For businesses, that may also mean that you pay for a service or app as you need it based on how much you use. Examples are Hosted Exchange, Server Virtualization, CRM applications or File Sharing (Drop Box, These are just a few of the services easily available in the cloud today. Look for many more to emerge in 2012 and 2013.

HaaS Solutions – Hardware as a Service or HaaS was designed to give business more options when confronting the larger costs associated with replacing hardware or growing and expanding network infrastructures. This is a great option for business with large IT needs but smaller budgets. Businesses can upgrade, enhance and grow their network at their pace. The hardware and solutions can be implemented for a monthly fee. Terms and prices are negotiable and are often rolled into service contract agreements that include maintenance and IT system support. Most contracts will replace hardware that becomes outdated or defective as the contract term matures. So no need to worry about large or unplanned IT expenses to replace hardware and systems. Old systems go out and new ones come in routinely allowing business to plan, grow and succeed as needed. The cost is spread out over time making IT spending much more budget friendly and predictable. This service also gives the SMB market greater access to technologies that would other wise might not be affordable for them. By having more access to technology solutions means having a greater completive advantage.

Back up and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solutions – Protecting your data is protecting your business.  Since BDR’s are available at almost any price point, they are  the single best cost saving strategy for any business. Make sure to have your technology partner help you choose the best backup solution for your organization. For more information about BDRs see PROTECT YOUR DATA…The essential first step to any IT strategy.

Welcome to the Big Leagues SMB!

The service delivery model in which these and many other solutions are now being delivered has also gone through a bit of a renovation and worthy of mention. All these solutions can now be delivered, enhanced and supported very consistently through a Managed Service Agreements (MSA). This is just a way for a business to pick and choose which solutions fit best for their organizations. With a predictable payment method, solution plans can be designed to fit even the most modest of budgets. No longer will the cost of keeping pace with technology only be for the organizations with large capital budgets. The ease and speed of access to IT and a service delivery model that is business friendly makes for a bright future for the SMB market.

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