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Welcome to Managed Services form Intec Solutions.

Whatever products or services your company sells — hard goods, edibles, apparel, legal services, etc. — your first priority and only path to profitability is productivity. Output. But before you can have output, you must have reliable tools for uninterrupted input. And today, no matter what business you’re in, that input and output almost always rely on computers, software, systems, and networks. All of which require constant monitoring and maintenance — which means more employees and the associated costs.

Intec Solutions has a better and far more cost-effective way to ensure your continued productivity. Our Managed Services program is like having your own IT department — only better! You get 24/7/365 coverage without the added overhead of non-billable employees.

Enjoy consistent input and efficient output thanks to:

  • Continuously monitored servers & workstations
  • Maximum network stability
  • Proactive management of all your devices
  • And more…

Know that our Managed Services will provide constant access to the tools, data, and systems your employees need to do their jobs. To produce what you promise your customers. It’s that simple (and simplicity is another benefit Intec Solutions promises).

Improved productivity starts with your input below.
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Productivity Landing

*If you’re not completely satisfied with our services after 90 days, we’ll cover the cost to transfer your account to a new provider.