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Is “The Cloud” A Good Solution For Your Small to Mid-size Business?

by | Sep 29, 2011 | Cloud Solutions, IT Consulting

If you don’t have a large capital technology budget but want to compete on a regional, national or global level “The Cloud” could be your new best friend.  But if you handle data with a high security risk you better be very careful.

Benefits of “The Cloud” –  Access To Businesses Tools and Solutions Once Reserved Only for the Big Boys

Cloud solutions allow smaller companies access to enterprise level technology tools and solutions that until now were only available to larger companies who could afford them. Having access to such powerful technology tools at a fraction of the cost will help companies compete on a grander scale. Of course this is just one way the cloud will help smaller companies compete in a global economy. Let’s not forget how some new cloud solutions will help improve work flow and efficiencies, allow faster access to data and lower the cost of data storage just to mention a few. But my favorite cloud advantage by far will be the evolution of Managed Services in the cloud. This will make so many technology tools available to companies at a predictable cost! A Cloud strategy could take your technology budget from a variable unpredictable expense to  more of a planned fixed expense. And as a small business owner myself having some predictability and control of such a major part of your company’s technology expense is comforting to say the least. Now more than ever will companies be able to manage their technology expenditures. Most cloud service providers will offer a series of services at a monthly fixed cost.

A Competent and Trusted Technology Partner Is More Important Than Ever When Utilizing Cloud Services

So You think “The Cloud” Is For You.  What Solutions and Tools Are Available to your Organization? A trusted technology partner can be worth their weight in gold in helping your business find out how it can maximize all these new options and tools. Selecting a technology partner has never been more critical than it is today and will be in the future. Make sure to pick a technology partner who understands or is willing to learn your business and your business goals and objectives. Select a partner who understands business not just technology. You technology partner should  be able to help you weed through all the new Cloud service offerings and technology tools and recommend what is right for your organization.  You don’t need a technology partner who will just try and sell you a bucket of services or a block of hours.  A technology partner should be a valuable member of your company’s operational team and be instrumental in implementing a technology strategy for success.


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