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Intec Uses Technology to Focus on Customer Service

by | Sep 14, 2011 | Intec News

Intec Solution’s Strategic Initiative for 2011 – To provide the best customer service of a technology company in our region.

Strategic Planning is always challenging but in a turbulent economic environment there are just more challenges and variables out of our control. So Intec Solutions has made the decision to focus more on what we could control.

“During our annual strategic planning session earlier this year, we decided to shift our focus a little,” states Phil Stinson CEO Intec Solutions. “Our strategic focus had been relatively the same over the past few years. We had been striving to sustain our stable and increasing growth by adding new services and solutions for our customers. Even during the tough economic conditions over the past few years Intec has been fortunate to continue to show considerable growth in revenue which was recognized twice by the NKY Chamber of Commerce as an Emerging 30 and one of the fastest growing companies in the region.”

So, with Intec Solution’s new 2011 initiative they set out on a mission to find a way to get reliable and creditable feedback directly from their customers. They also wanted a way to compare themselves to other service providers in their local and regional area as well as similar IT service providers nationally/internationally.

Intec Uses AutoTask to Capture Customer Feedback

Several years ago Intec partnered with AutoTask, a leading Professional Service Automation software they use to manage their internal operations, work flow and processes. A new feature to the system, which Intec has implemented, was the ability of the AutoTask system to capture customer feedback electronically after each issue resolution.

“This has been a great tool for us in so many ways” states Brandon Bailey, Director of IT Operations at Intec Solutions. “The electronic survey is automatically generated in the system once the issue/ticket is closed. It prompts the customer to respond to the service given in order to close the issue/ticket. It allows us to have a greater ability to communicate with our customers and respond to any outstanding issue in a much more time efficient manner. The e-survey consists of 5 short questions that allow the customer to rank their satisfaction from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 the highest on our timeliness in issue response, resolutions and perceived technical ability of our technicians. It has been a great way for us to see how we were doing in specific areas and what issues were most important to a customer. We can see where we are doing well and where we need to improve.”

Intec Has Achieved a 4.75/5.00 Customer Service Rating –  A Success For Both Intec and their Customers

Initially Intec was concerned that customers would not want to take the time to respond. This was quickly abandoned after they received over 100 responses in their first few weeks of implementation earlier this year. They found that customers love having a forum to be heard. Good or Bad.

“We really like it” states Gary Jenkins of TASA of KY, a leading provider of third party GAP administrative services and aftermarket products for dealers, and financial institutions. “It gives us the ability to know that issues are being addressed or resolved and for everyone to stay on the same page. We have the ability to determine if an issue is resolved to our satisfaction giving us a voice on our customer experience with Intec.”

“Being able to access measurable data is so valuable,” says Emily Stinson, COO. “I can easily log into our system at any time and retrieve statics on how we compare to over 24,000 IT solution providers in around the country. Our customer rating gets collected and ranked against some of the leading IT organizations in our industry giving us instant feedback on how we are doing compared to some of the best of the best. I am happy to report after a solid 6 months of data are average service rating across all 5 service categories is 4.75! Compared to the national average of 4.69 this gives me great pride in our staff, partners and technicians. I have a measurable benchmark now and I am comforted by the fact that we now know how we measure up against some of the best companies in our industry. We feel very fortunate to have such a valuable tool for our organization and feel that not only will it help us provide better service to our customers but it gives us so much valuable information about what our customers want.”


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