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Intec is Offering an Exclusive Data Protection Offer (A $500 value) to Participants of it’s Thursday April 26 “Protecting Data” Webinar

Participants of the “Protecting Data, Your Most Valuable Asset!” Webinar – April 26 @ 1pm will receive an exclusive Data Protection Bundle offer from Intec Solutions (A $500 Value).

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The offer includes BDR, Protection Service, offsite Back-up

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A Part of Our “Talkin’ IT” Webinar Series

Thursday, April 26, 2012 @ 1pm

Data protection and business continuity/disaster recovery planning are almost always the tasks that keep getting pushed down the to-do list. Businesses are so focused on keeping ahead of their competition by offering the latest and greatest technology, they forget their most valuable asset is their data. For businesses that need to compete nip and tuck with their competition, think about what losing your data for a week or more would do to your competitive advantage. That’s why protecting your data is fundamental to the long term success of your business. It’s your insurance plan against being out of the game for a week or more and limping along into the the future with spotty data.  Your home and office are insured, so make sure your business data is also.

This webinar will explain the different ways you can go about protecting your data. Helping you to find the best solution for your business goals AND budget.

The following will be covered in the “Protecting Data” Webinar

  • Review Potential Threats
  • Discuss Business Impact
  • Investigate Backup Options
  • Outline a Proven Data Protection Strategy
  • An exclusive Data Protection Bundle offer from Intec Solutions ($500 Value)

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