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Don’t let Network Security & Compliance fears keep you up a night

by | Aug 4, 2015 | "Talking IT" BLOG

In today’s world, network security is vital to prevent data breaches, and fear alone is typically used to justify the cost.

Good network security does more than secure networks against data breaches. A comprehensive security systems not only helps automate many of the tasks IT staff must manually perform on a regular basis, but also includes disaster recovery & business continuity planning.  Our security management systems allow for central network management so that important changes can be deployed over the network globally, increasing efficiency and ensuring that configuration changes are uniform across the network. Not only does this save expensive labor, it can also increase the lifespan of the hardware.

A good network security system can also increase compliance with security regulations, not just by meeting the regulations, but by streamlining the audit process. Proving compliance can sometimes take longer than becoming compliant, so any audit speed increases are welcome.

Especially in this tough economy, the bottom line rules the day. The most important thing to note while looking at a network security solution is the cost-savings it provides by automating critical jobs and deployments. Though a good security system may have a sizable upfront investment, the long term benefits greatly outweigh the initial cost. Good security systems do more than assuage fears – they increase productivity.

Intec Solutions offers complete Network Security Audits including HIPAA & PCI Compliance.  Let us put together a comprehensive Security & Business Continuity Plan for you.  Contact Us today to schedule your assessment so you can begin to rest easy.

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