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Database Administration & Business Intelligence

Application Development Piece Application DevelopmentIf carbon molecules are the basis for life as we know it, data is the basis for the life of your business. But without proper management, data is just so much binary dust — accumulating in corners and providing no value. But Intec’s Database Administration solutions, we’ll help you turn your data into powerful Business Intelligence.

The Importance of your Data

Next to your employees, data is your company’s most valuable asset. Learning to use, organize, store, protect, and retrieve data should be among your highest priorities. Intec Solutions specializes in building, maintaining and enhancing databases.

Data = BI

Knowing where your data is accessing it on demand is the formula for Business Intelligence (BI). And BI is the key to your competitive advantage.

Intec Database Administration services can be designed to manage your data your way.

What Value Does Database Administration Add?

  • Database Construction – We’ll organize data so you can use it to increase productivity and profit by decreasing man-hours, materials, and other overhead. A properly built database means more easily extractable BI, so your data can drive decisions, not require them.
  • Database Maintenance – Your database grows with your company and needs to be meticulously maintained. Intec will routinely monitor it, checking for errors and safely backing it up to guard against data corruption or loss. We offer a range of Managed Solutions and service to maintain the health of your data — as well as backup and storage options that can help prevent costly delays and system shutdowns.
  • Flexible Service Contracts – We can customize a monthly maintenance agreement to specifically meet your company’s needs and budget. Most of our solutions can be managed remotely, which reduces the cost of onsite time by our developers and technicians.
  • Database Enhancements and Upgrades – As technology, your business, and your data grow and evolve, we can phase in upgrades remotely, or provide a dedicated resource onsite to design and develop a complete solution from start to finish.

Breathe new life into your data, and watch your business thrive!

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