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Innov8 for Health Launchpad Startup Showcase

We  would  like  to  formally  invite  you  to  the  2012 Innov8  for  Health  Launch  Pad  Startup   Showcase.    The  showcase  is  scheduled  for  Thursday,  August  30,  2012  at  the    Cincinnati  Museum  Center at   Union  Terminal  from  1:00-­‐5:00    PM. Innov8  for  Health  is  a  community  wide  initiative  to  create  a  health […]

IT Managed Services

Why Managed IT Services Make Sense For Private Medical Practices…and Businesses

Owners and Office Managers of Private Medical Practices have their hands full to say the least. On top of their normal duties, most practices are currently working on implementing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, preparing for a ICD-10 conversion, and dealing with changes in their reimbursement requirements. “The IT […]


Mobile Devices and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) – Anytime Access and Convenience for Patients and Doctors

They say that technology moves at the speed of light. This is true especially for medical records technology. As more and more medical practices transition from traditional paper records to an Electron Medical Records (EMR) model, the accessibility to and speed at which information is retrieved is truly astonishing. When […]

Electronic Medical Records

How Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Can Ease Backup and Disaster Recovery Fears

Running a busy, profitable medical practice requires the integration of many different elements.  From your staff, to medical equipment, office procedures, insurance, and other worries, patient medical records and their secure management are one of the most critical aspects of your practice’s vitality.  If you are an independent health care […]