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Is Your Network Safe from Cybercriminals?

Ransomware, phishing, and other types of cyberattacks are on the rise. We will review your systems, recommend appropriate steps, and implement & monitor a solution to protect your business from these attacks.

Can your IT Systems Recover from Any Disaster?

Be prepared for minor mishaps and major disasters. Our team will analyze your business to provide solutions that align with your requirements. We then monitor and test to ensure reliability.

Looking for Ways to Save Money & Increase Productivity?

Moving some or all of your infrastructure and applications to the cloud can improve your productivity and save you money.

Is Anyone Watching Your Network 24 x 7?

Keeping your systems updated is critical. We can remotely monitor and manage your network 24×7, handling alerts, verifying backups, applying relevant security patches and updates to minimize downtime.

Confused by all of the Technology Options Available?

Your business is unique, so why put up with cookie-cutter solutions to meet special IT needs? Our experienced consultants will guide you through the maze of options and work with you to find a solution that meets your exact requirements.

Do All of your Communication Tools Integrate Seamlessly?

Communication and collaboration tools make it easier for employees to do their jobs. We will ensure that you are using the best options for your business

Are Your Employees Getting the Tech Support They Need?

Having a reliable help desk can eliminate frustration and lost productivity. Our experienced technicians can assist your team with IT problems so they can get back on track quickly.

Tired of Software that doesn’t Meet YOUR Needs?

Your software platform must evolve, or you could lose your ability to compete — and off-the-shelf solutions are not always up to the task. We deliver Custom Applications built to YOUR Specifications

You long awaited peace of mind is here

Welcome to CompleteRecoveryTM from Intec Solutions. Never worry about Ransomeware again! “Calm”, “Serene”, “Peaceful” … Rarely are such words associated with running a business. But our CompleteRecoveryTM experts provide the technical services and tools that can eliminate the stress of managing your systems and software and hardware so that you […]