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What do a Buffet and Technology Have in Common

It’s not often that you hear an all you can eat buffet related to technology solutions.  However, at Intec Solutions, we think it’s a fair comparison.  Just like a buffet offers a wide assortment of dining options, there are seemingly endless ways that technology can be used to solve business problems.  Therefore, in today’s competitive business climate, choosing the right IT partner is paramount to your success.  If you answer can yes to any of the following questions, maybe we should talk.

1. Are you employees under productive because of slowness with the network or their equipment?

2. Are viruses and pop-ups driving you crazy?

3. Are you uncertain about your data backup and how long it would take to recover in the event of hardware outage?

We can offer solution to all of these problems and more at a fixed monthly fee – including new hardware!  Continue reading to find our how…

No two companies are alike… just like there are no one size fits all technology solutions. That’s why we take the time to really listen to your needs and business objectives before making any recommendations. We bring a total IT Solutions approach to each client engagement. We partner with our clients to understand where they want to take their business. We then tailor a technology strategy to achieve those goals. Then upon implementation of that strategy, we support and manage that solution to ensure its effectiveness.

Our Approach - Consult, Implement, SupportConsult

All of our client engagements begin with consulting.

  • Learn – We evaluate your organization and its current technology. We learn about your business & the industry you operate in. We meet with you to understand your short, medium, and long term business goals and objectives.
  • Plan – We evaluate everything we have learned. We call on our vast knowledge and experience in the industry. We work with our strategic partners to develop the most appropriate solution for your specific needs.
  • Document – We document your business goals and requirements. We define the solution that will meet those goals and then create a project plan that can be executed during Implementation.


Once the most appropriate solution is identified and documented, we execute the plan.

  • Schedule – We review the project plan and solution documentation with you and create a schedule that delivers the solution without disrupting your daily operations.
  • Customize – We bring together all of the components of your specific solution customizing them to your specific business requirements.
  • Deploy – Finally, we deploy the solution in your business and train all of your people not only how to use the new solution, but why that solution was chosen.


We don’t just walk away after the solution has been implemented. We continue our relationship with you to support that solution and then restart the continuum – continually learning about your organization to ensure that IT needs are addressed.

  • Monitor – We remotely monitor all faces of your technology to ensure proper function.
  • Manage – We manage your technology to ensure that you’re receiving the benefits and desired outcome to meet your business objectives.
  • Maintain – We maintain the solution making any necessary upgrades or adjustments to ensure reliability and cost effectiveness.


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