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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

We have strategic partnerships and alliances with the following vendors and manufacturers to deliver best in class services that meet or exceed industry standards.

Partnerships Memberships & Affiliations

HIPAA Associates provides HIPAA training and consulting to health care providers, employees and business associates. HIPAA Associates creates HIPAA training programs and compliance plans that fit your needs. We have trained thousands of individuals on HIPAA using our inside knowledge of the health care environment. Call us to get started (513) 918-5303.
Value added strategic vendor partner for HaaS (Hardware as a Service) solutions. This relationship allows us to help our clients set up leasing arrangements for their business hardware and software needs. Our partnership with Chartec enables us to provide our clients with high quality custom computer equipment and software licenses at an affordable monthly cost, making IT budgeting easier and much more predictable.CharTec is also a value added vendor for BRD (Backup Recovery Device) Solutions
Value added vendor partner for Bare Metal Back-up solutions
Value added vendor partner for Data Only Back-up solutions.   Visit our Intronis partner site.
Value added vendor partner for hardware and software solutions.
ISV (independent Software vendor) Partner for software development tools and solutions.
Selling and Deploying Microsoft Office 365 cloud and hybrid solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.
Value added Vendor partner for Firewalls and Routers.
Vendor Partner for Antivirus Software.
Strategic vendor partner for Cloud Service such as hosted exchange, e-mail, workstation co-location and vertebral storage solutions.
Hardware and software solutions and service supplier
EMR solutions support provider.
ISV Partner for business software application integration.
Just named one of the best IT Business Management Software Platforms, we are proud to partner with Autotask. Our relationship with Autotask allows us to organize, automate and optimize our internal business operations from a single cloud-based platform.