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Fall VOIP Phone Sale

Fall Polycom Phone Sale If you are considering moving to a VOIP phone solution or already have one in place and just need new phones, now may be a good time to talk. Through our partnership with Phone.com, Polycom is offering discounts on 4 of their most popular model through […]


3 Things You Can Do to Ensure Infrastructure Security

3 Things You Can Do to Ensure Infrastructure Security No matter how quickly IT security practices progress, security threats often seems to outpace them. Threats are becoming more technically sophisticated and harder to detect. Not only do security attacks result in economic consequences, but they also impact the reliability of […]


New Face at Intec Solutions – Alex Mowery

New Face at Intec Solutions – Alex Mowery Intec Solutions is pleased to welcome the newest addition to our support team…Alex Mowery. Alex is currently a senior at Northern Kentucky University where he’s working on his Bachelor of Science Degree in Informatics with a focus in Cyber Security. Alex has […]


How to Keep Your Company’s Network Secure

How to Keep Your Company’s Network Secure How secure is your company’s network? Protecting your information assets is one of the most important steps you can take toward long-term stability. Smart companies take a multifaceted approach to IT security, building layers of defense between themselves and hackers. Here are four […]


6 Ways to Make Your Network Security Training More Effective

6 Ways to Make Your Network Security Training More Effective Cybercriminals like to target the weakest link in companies’ security defenses — and that link is often the employees. But it does not have to be that way. Your employees can provide an important line of defense against cybercrime if […]


How to Share Files and Folders in OneDrive

How to Share Files and Folders in OneDrive Many businesses are taking advantage of Microsoft’s OneDrive accounts to store their data in the cloud. Businesses can do more than just store their files and folders, though. They can also share files and folders with employees, giving those individuals the ability […]


Is Your Network Safe from Cybercriminals?

Ransomware, phishing, and other types of cyberattacks are on the rise. We will review your systems, recommend appropriate steps, and implement & monitor a solution to protect your business from these attacks.


Can your IT Systems Recover from Any Disaster?

Be prepared for minor mishaps and major disasters. Our team will analyze your business to provide solutions that align with your requirements. We then monitor and test to ensure reliability.


Looking for Ways to Save Money & Increase Productivity?

Moving some or all of your infrastructure and applications to the cloud can improve your productivity and save you money. We can advise you on the most suitable options and then implement solutions that integrate into your IT environment.


Is Anyone Watching Your Network 24 x 7?

Keeping your systems updated is critical. We can remotely monitor and manage your network 24×7, handling alerts, verifying backups, applying relevant security patches and updates to minimize downtime.


A New Ransomware Attack is Infecting Airlines, Banks, and Utilities Across Europe

A New Ransomware Attack is Infecting Airlines, Banks, and Utilities Across Europe A major ransomware attack has brought businesses to a close throughout Europe, in an infection reminiscent of last month’s WannaCry attack. The most severe damage is being reported by Ukrainian businesses, with systems compromised at Ukraine’s central bank, […]


How to Make Sense of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

How to Make Sense of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Maybe you’re on a team that has been tasked with selecting a VDI provider. Or, maybe you’re in charge of the budget and are wondering what virtual desktop infrastructure can do for your company. Whether you understand the gist of VDI, […]


Can VoIP Save Your Company Money?

Can VoIP Save Your Company Money? The economy might technically be out of recession, but businesses are still doing everything in their power to cut costs and save as much as possible. One possible avenue for savings is switching from a traditional business phone plan to a VoIP plan. VoIP […]


Intec Solutions Announces Partnership with Phone.com

As a long time IT Managed Services provider, Intec Solutions is proud to announce our newest partnership with Phone.com. Phone.com is a cloud-based communications services provider, and has created the best business- communications platform on the planet–an always-available phone system that adjusts to your business needs, with more than 50 […]

Abstract cloud storage (done in 3d)

Get Your Documents out of the File Cabinet and into the Cloud

Get Your Documents out of the File Cabinet and into the Cloud Does your business have numerous file cabinets stuffed with documents, making it hard to find the files you need? If so, you might consider storing your files in the cloud instead. Digitally storing your documents will make them […]


Confused by all of the Technology Options Available?

Your business is unique, so why put up with cookie-cutter solutions to meet special IT needs? Our experienced consultants will guide you through the maze of options and work with you to find a solution that meets your exact requirements.


Do All of your Communication Tools Integrate Seamlessly?

Communication and collaboration tools make it easier for employees to do their jobs. We will ensure that you are using the best options for your business


Are Your Employees Getting the Tech Support They Need?

Having a reliable help desk can eliminate frustration and lost productivity. Our experienced technicians can assist your team with IT problems so they can get back on track quickly.


Don’t Let Your Business Become the Next Spear Phishing Victim

Spear phishing scams targeted at businesses have proven to be very lucrative for cybercriminals. For example, since January 2015, hackers have stolen over $3 billion (USD) from more than 22,000 companies worldwide using a type of spear phishing attack known as a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam, according to the […]


Tired of Software that doesn’t Meet YOUR Needs?

Your software platform must evolve, or you could lose your ability to compete — and off-the-shelf solutions are not always up to the task. We deliver Custom Applications built to YOUR Specifications


5 Signs That You Might Be Outgrowing Your IT Infrastructure

As your company grows, your IT needs evolve. Your IT infrastructure must keep up with these changes. Updating the infrastructure often requires an upfront investment. However, the costs incurred from staying with your current setup can be more costly in the long run. Here are five signs that indicate you […]


How to Improve the WiFi Signal in your Office

Many small and midsized businesses use wireless networks because they are easy to set up and convenient to use. However, a weak Wi-Fi signal can mean slow connection speeds and a smaller range of coverage. Not being able to quickly access data and applications from all areas in an office […]


4 IT Trends that will Affect Businesses in 2017

There is no crystal ball that businesses can use to see the exact IT problems and opportunities that they will encounter each year. However, by looking at past and present IT trends, they can get a sense of where IT is heading and how the new direction might affect their […]