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About Us

Since 1997, our single purpose at Intec Solutions has been helping clients solve business problems with the most appropriate technology available. Our first priority are the business goals and objectives of our clients’ – that is what separates us from our competition. Technology is there to help a business perform its mission, not the other way around. Our technology solutions align with a company’s business goals and objectives. We use a meticulous consultative approach to best understand the problem from both a business and a technological perspective before presenting a solution.

Managed Services

Intec Solutions specializes in providing Total Outsourced IT Support to small and mid-sized businesses for which an in-house IT staff may be impractical or too costly. We deliver Managed Services specifically tailored to your needs and objectives — and your budget! After careful analysis, we develop a solution — or a set of solutions — that’s effective and cost-efficient, and can help you maximize the return on your IT investment.

IT Consulting

Do you want your business to be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable? Does your technology infrastructure align with your business goals and objectives? At Intec Solutions we can deliver all of the benefits of a full time on-staff CTO for a price that’s consistent with your budget.

Systems Administration

Your network is an essential part of your business. It’s the corner stone of your IT Infrastructure. Intec Solutions provides full network administration for your servers, workstations and networking equipment.

Cloud Solutions

It seems like everyone has his or her head in the cloud now. But Intec Solutions has been providing Cloud solutions since before it was “the next greatest thing you can’t live without.” We have a solid working knowledge of how to optimize the Cloud for different kinds of businesses. We understand that the Cloud is not just a buzzword, but a tool to expand your IT platform and its functionality.

Application Development

The faster technology evolves, the faster technology evolves. In plain English, that means acceleration. It also means that your IT platform must evolve at the same pace, or you could lose your ability to compete — and off-the-shelf solutions are not always up to the task. But Intec can design and build custom applications that will keep you ahead of the curve.